Hotel Booking App

A convenient service for booking hotels using an excellent and pleasant user interface.

Our challenges

  • 1

    Outstanding design

    Outstanding application design that allows you to conveniently use each function of the application. Soft animations that make the user enjoy using the application
  • 2

    –°ross-platform application

    One codebase. Any platform. in a short time it was necessary to launch applications on two popular sites: Play Store and Apple Store. The code that we wrote and the tools that we used allowed us to launch the application on two platforms at once without rewriting the codebase.
  • 3

    Powerfull API

    To manage a huge amount of data and user accounts, we needed to choose the right solution for writing APIs. Our choice was very successful. Next Js, Mongo DB and GraphQl provided us with the very result that we and the customer expected
  • 4

    Flexible CMS

    To manage applications and distribute orders, to help users, we needed to develop a convenient and flexible content management system.

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