Conquered Chinese Market. Wuhan Social

Thousands of users who used to ask questions: Where to eat? Where to go? What to do tonight? Love and appreciate this app. And our goal as developers is to help the application deliver information quickly and without problems.

Our challenges

  • 1

    Conquered Chinese Market

    Run server and domain in China, really hard task. We managed to obtain a license, domain for the website and server.
  • 2

    The huge amount of data

    A huge problem was the collection and aggregation of information on thousands of institutions in the city. Keeping manage and deliver this data is incredibly difficult. Caching system, smart requests and the right aggregation untied our hands.
  • 3

    Display all information in a real-time manner

    It was important for clients and users to delivery the information as fast as possible, so clients could see upcoming events without looking on loading screens. We managed it with lazzy loading data and small chunks of code
  • 4

    Language barrier

    Understanding how payment systems and various local Chinese IPAs work without language knowledge seems an impossible task. We have translated thousands of web pages with documentation and Chinese forums to find solutions to various problems associated with it.

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